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Is this the first time working on printing labels, and you're not sure where to start? Perhaps you are in search of a fun, new labeling technique? Or you need a tutorial on a mail merge project? 


Welcome to the "Knowledge Base" page at Worldlabel- where we will help you to answer all of these questions- and more!  



At Worldlabel, we know that the labelling process can appear a little daunting at first. These articles are here to help this process run smoothly! Below, we have compiled a list of informative articles for you to read that are all about different topics on labeling, so as to help improve your own unique labeling experience. You will find that our "Knowledge Base" is an excellent library of articles that focus on a wide variety of topics, as well as application-specific How-to, providing tips on solving printing problems, great ideas for personalizing your labels- and lots more! We will also show you where to find great graphics and clip art to design your labels with. This is a process which is super easy- not only that, but it's quite fun, too! :)  

Worldlabel.com will continue to be a leader in laser and inkjet technology, bringing you the information you need to print labels easy and professionally.




  • The History of labels
  • CD labeling
  • Printing Blank labels
  • Mail Merge
  • The Structure of labels

and much more...

This is our Apple Mac OS Learning Center:
Great tutorials on using Pages for labels, Mail Merge and different designing methods when using Apple products.


This is our Mailmerge and Database Learning Center:
Tutorials on Mail Merge, and other Mail solutions, using spreedsheets, databases and different techniques to create labels for mailing.


This is our Learning Center for using Blank Label Templates

Worldlabel offers all size label templates to download in several different file formats: Visit this page and find the right label template for your label sheets


If you have downloaded a blank label template to help you format and design labels for your business or home, our tutorials will help you make sure text, images and backgrounds are positioned and aligned within the label cell, and best practices and shortcuts to help you print your labels as easy and quickly as possible.


Using Label Templates With These Programs:


Microsoft Word

MS Word is the most popular program to use for creating labels from blank templates because it is already installed on most computers. Word is a very complexed program and has design functions which can help you format a lot of designs. To read more about using Label Templates in Word for example: Were to find templates in Word, inserting text and images, mail merge with templates and more.



Free Open Source word processors are fast becoming popular. Templates are already installed in the Label Wizard for popular size labels or downloaded from the Worldlabel site. The are in a Open Document file format and can be used the same way as MS Word Templates. For tutorials on using label templates in Openofice / Libereoffice


Photoshop, Inkscape, Illustrator and other programs

PDF or EPS templates are the choice for graphic designers. They are used only as a guideline layer and are deleted before printing. Read a comprehensive article here on using PDF with Illustrator, and for other program design programs like Photoshop, Inkscape, Indesign, Gimp and others, please visit this page.



Use our Autofill PDF Label 1.0 - create a label by typing you text into a cell, hit a key and the template automatically populates in a second. You ready to print.


If you looking for pre-designed label templates for all occasions, view our great PDF template gallery of amazing designs you can use for free, by amazing artists.

Worldlabel wants to hear what you have to say! Are you familiar with the labelling process? Do you have a question you can't find answered? If you know of any topics you think should be included here, please do let us know- we would be happy to provide the information for you! Please contact us.



WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO NEXT?  Check out our Free Label Templates for Microsoft Word, Libreoffice/OpenOffice or visit our Free Pre-Designed Label Templates Gallery and pueru designs by well-known artists.