Custom Laser and Inkjet labels for all types of applications is a large manufacturer of custom labels for inkjet and laser printers for both personal and business applications. If you are not able to find the labels youíre looking for in our standard inventory, we can easily create any label configuration you require.

For example, we can manufacture the following custom labels:

- Address Labels - CD / DVD Labels
- Wine Labels - Bottle Labels
- Product Labels - Mailing Labels
- Shipping Labels - Jar Labels
- Food Labels - Candle Labels
- Cigar Labels - Automotive Labels
Öamong many more! supplies any shape or size custom labels on 8.5î x 11î label sheets, available for laser or inkjet printers. Please note, for any custom label configuration there will be a 100 sheet order minimum.

Keep in mind, our True Color, Foil, Clear and Weatherproof materials are available for custom labels in any size or shape!

  • Clear Labels are printed on a clear film which allows your product to be seen through the label.
  • Weatherproof, Polyester and Vinyl Labels can be used for outdoor applications.
  • Foil Labels are printed on foil stocks in silver, gold or tinted to a specific color.
  • Laser / Inkjet Labels can be run through your laser or inkjet printer.
  • Media Labels including cassettes, video tapes and audio labels.
  • Window Stickers can be used inside or outside your store or vehicle windows.

No matter what your label need is, please send your inquiry to us using our contact form or send your inquiry to:, 104 South Division Street, Suite 4A, Peekskill, NY 10566 Tel: (877) 955-2235