Printing labels

Printing labels: Label printing on printable label sheets for laser and inkjet printers. It has never been this easy to make labels. We have over 40 sizes to offer you, CD labels, mailing, address, shipping labels and more to use on your desktop, laser jet, bubble jet printers as well as high speed printers.

Labels for laser printers

Our laser label sheets are made for use for printing with printers found in most business environments. Our Label sheets will work well with all HP, Xerox, Lexmark and all common brand laser printers. Label sheets passing through a laser printer have to deal with very high temperatures and then a series of twist and turns. Using label sheets through this process is a little more problematic that using plain paper. Adhesives can melt and low quality labels will peel off inside the printer causing severe jamming.

Our high quality adhesive to ensure that adhesive will not melt between the rollers in your printers. To stop the possibility of labels peeling off inside your printers, use our labels with rounded corners. We suggest you use the closest possible feed path on you printer which is usually manual feed.

Our label sheets is made with a 50 lb. bright white facesheet and with with a 50 lb. liner. Our white matte, pastel colored, and fluorescent colored label sheets are multipurpose and will work in either your laser or ink jet printer. No matter what type of laser printer you have our label sheets will work for you. We guarantee it! If you have any problem running the labels through your printer, just send back the unused labels us for a full refund.

We also offer a clear matt label and a glossy material specifically for printing on laser printers in every size label we manufacture.

Removable labels available in each size is also designed for printing on laser printers.

Laser printers use toner as opposed to ink. Our laser labels are specially coated for high quality laser printing. We recommend you try our labels

Labels for Inkjet printers

Ink jet labels on sheets are designed to work will all types of inkjet printers. Inkjet printers release a jet stream of wet ink. The wet ink is absorbed by the paper. Our labels are manufactured with a special absorbing paper which helps prevent the smudging. Inkjet printing is an affordable way of printing labels. Advancements in Ink jet printing technology has made this form of printing labels popular. We recommend you try our Inkjet label for your inkjet printing labeling needs. We offer a clear material for inkjet printing as well as a glossy inkjet printing material. Our removable adhesive labels will work on you inkjet printers.

We guarantee it! If you have any problem running the labels through your printer, just send back the unused labels to us for a full refund.

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