Printing Problems

Problems printing your own labels on your laser and inkjet printers.

Following are some possible solutions.

One of the most common problems is poor quality labels. Label sheets going through your printers go through twists and turns and heat. With low quality label sheets the adhesive will melt and labels will come off. Only buy the best quality.

Store your label sheets on a flat surface and avoid heat and direct sunlight.

Using cheap ink can be a problem, poor ink can take time to dry increasing the chances of smudging.

Printing labels should be easy, however all of a sudden things can go wrong.

Paper Jams
This is the most common problem. Paper fed into the printer gets jammed and printing comes to a halt. Usually printers have an indicator which lets the user know that there is a paper jam.

The reason why paper jams occur is unclean printers. Over time, the print rollers collect dirt. This causes the printer to jam. Usually just cleaning the print rollers and feed trays will solve this problem. Try to keep the inside of the printer as clean and dust free as possible. Use a lint free cloth and some alcohol based cleaner to clean the printer. Make sure you are using clean printer paper. We recommend you clean your printer every few months or so. Clean every time you change cartridges.

Paper wont feed
Dirty roller is the most common reasons for this problem. Also either unclean rollers or the rubber on the rollers has lost its density. Clean the rollers with an alcohol based solvent or if that's not the problem then you will need to replace the rollers. When the rubber loses its density it loses its ability to grip the paper and therefore the paper wont feed.

Toner smearing
This is most likely caused by toner cartridge failure. Try replacing the toner cartridge with a new one or one that works to check if that is the problem.

Random line printed on the page
This could happen if the "cleaner bar" inside the printer is dirty. New toner cartridges usually come with a replacement "cleaner bar". Replace the "cleaner bar" and try printing again.

Software Problems
Software problems can lead to scrabbled printing or no printing at all. If this is happening maybe your driver is corrupted. Try updating the driver or completely remove the old driver and install a new driver. The program that you are using for printing (e.g. Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat) may also be corrupted and you need to contact the program vendor to resolve that problem.

Inkjet Refill problems
Use the ink recommended by your printer's manufacturer. Other brands could, and usually do, leak because of poor quality control. If you refill your ink cartridges with after market ink be aware that your cartridge may be damaged and so just refilling the ink will not solve the problem. You will need to change the cartridge. The print head on ink jet cartridges can collect dust and the ink might get caked on the print head if the printer has not been used for a while. Here are some tips for trouble free inkjet printing:

Refill as soon as you run out of ink.
Inject the refill ink very slowly to avoid air bubbles.
Do not allow the cartridge to dry out completely.
Inkjet printers will print out horizontal lines if one or more of the print nozzles are either blocked or burnt out. You can try clearing the blocked nozzles by placing the print head in hot water for 2 to 3 minutes and then blotting them dry with a tissue.

Clean printers will ensure trouble free printing for the most part. Get a dust blower. However other parts of the printer go through wear and tear and parts have to be replacement to get you back to printing again.

More printing problems, please let us know, we have a team of labeling experts ready to help you,

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