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 WL-366 | Medical Labels

Size: 8.25" x 3.5"

Labels per sheet: 3

Same size as**:

Intended use: Transcription Labels

Margins: Top 0.25", Bottom 0.25", Left 0.25", Right 0"

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Compatible w/ 100
More than
1000 sheets
Laser Inkjet
Standard White Matte
Standard White Matte
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Label Templates
For use in any version of Microsoft Word.
Viewable using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Template can be used in graphic programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Quark Express, and several others. If you plan to print out the template you need to uncheck "fit to page" in the print options or the image will be smaller than actual size.

Premium quality laser and inkjet printer labels.

Non ooze – Non Curl – Easy feed 8.5" x 11" label sheets for a superior printing performance.

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