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Mail Merge Options For A Mac OS X

Mail Merge is an absolute godsend when it comes to printing labels and sending mass emails. The feature is offered by many office applications. It's an easy process that quickly connects either an address book application or spreadsheet filled with contacts- and pulls all of their information into a single label or email, making it so that you don't have to manually copy-and-paste hundreds of contacts into a single Template by hand.


There are a ton of applications for the Mac OS X that support Mail Merge, so we've written this article showing some of the best Mail Merge solutions for Mac and how to use them.





Office for Mac (Labels)


The latest version of Office for Mac -- Office 2011 -- has great Mail Merge support. Using Microsoft Word, you can link an existing Excel document containing contact information to a Word document, allowing you to pull contact data into labels, letters, and envelopes.


To start, launch Microsoft Word on your Mac and click into the Tools menu from the Apple toolbar. Select Mail Merge from the drop down menu and a Mail Merge pop-up menu will appear.


The Mail Merge popup menu has a ton of options that will make for an easy data import from Excel. From this menu, click the Create New button to start a new Mail Merge. You'll be prompted to select a document type: a letter, label, envelope, or catalog. For this tutorial, we'll be using labels.

Select the printer you’ll be using to print these labels. You can do this by looking under the Printer Information option. You can select the type of paper you’ll be using in the Label products option.





Under the second option — “Select Recipients List” — click the Get List button and select Open Data Source from the drop-down menu. You’ll then be prompted to select your Excel document containing addresses from your Mac’s file structure.


You can now customize the rest of the options as necessary: adding placeholders, filters, and customizing other options. Press the Return key on your keyboard to initiate the Mail Merge, and voila! You can view your labels within the document and print by pressing Command-P on your keyboard.



LibreOffice (Envelopes)






LibreOffice is a free office suite for Mac, PC, and Linux. The suite has a very easy-to-use Mail Merge Wizard that can be used to make quick and easy envelopes. To access this Wizard, click on the Tools button from the task-bar and select "Mail Merge Wizard" from the drop-down menu.


The Wizard will then guide you through importing a document to Mail Merge. From the start screen, you can select how you'd like to start your labels: from scratch, from an existing document, or from a Template (which you can also find on Worldlabel). We will be creating a new document to use an example in this article.





From the second screen, select Letter and press the Next button. From here, you can import your address spreadsheet by clicking the Select Different Address List... button from the upper right-hand corner of the screen. You will then be prompted to select your spreadsheet from your Mac’s file-structure.



You can format your labels from the center of the screen. LibreOffice will suggest two address layouts by default in previews shown at the center of the window. More presets and editing options are available in the More menu, which is located to the right of the two defaults.


Looking towards the bottom of the screen, you'll see a preview of your envelope. You can make changes to the formatting by clicking on the Match Fields button from the center of the window. From here you can edit what columns in your spreadsheet correspond to which part of your label.


You can now click through the rest of the settings and your envelope Templates will output straight to the newly created document. You can then print your labels by going File -> Print.


Unfortunately, LibreOffice labels will only print as full envelopes. To use WorldLabel or other custom label Templates with LibreOffice, you have to setup databases. We've explained how to do this in an earlier post on the WorldLabel blog.



MailMergeApp (Email)


If you're looking for a lightweight email-based Mail Merge app, MailMergeApp is just what you need. This $10 Mac application automatically links your Mail.app connected email addresses, making for a seamless Mail Merge for email lists.

After launching the application you can type an email body and title in the center of the app. You can then select which groups will receive this email. You can also choose which email addresses the email will send from by using the left-most and center drop-down menus located towards the bottom of the window. To use Mail Merge to add recipient information to the email, use the right-most drop-down menu to select which field you'd like to add. The information will be added to wherever your text-selector is currently placed. Finally, click on the Merge button when you're ready to select email recipients.


MailMergeApp will automatically pull in contacts from your selected group. Clicking through these contacts will bring up a preview of the email in the center of the window. Finally, you can send the email by clicking the Send button.



Labels and Addresses (Design)




Labels and Addresses is a $30 Mail Merge application for Mac that has built-in design tools. You can use the application to create beautiful label and envelope designs and apply Mail Merge information to them.


After launching the application, you'll be brought directly to the Design tab. From here you can select from a variety of pre-made label, card, and envelope designs. Double click on a design, and it will open a new window: where you can start right away with using Mail Merge.





From the sidebar, you'll see all of your Mac's contacts.  Clicking on a contact will automatically bring the person’s information into the label queue. You can select multiple contacts by Command-clicking on multiple contacts. When you're ready to print the queued labels, select the Print button from the upper right-hand corner of the window and a print screen will appear.






Additionally, you can use one of the application's built-in label Templates to create gorgeous label, envelope, and postcard designs from scratch. When at the home-screen, click into the Labels, Envelopes, or Postcards menu — all of these are located to the right of the Design button.


When in these Menus, you can select which label Template you'd like to use to create your new design. Labels & Addresses has hundreds of templates built-in, including templates for Avery and DYMO labels amongst other brands.










And that concludes WordLabel's Mail Merge application roundup! Let us know what Mail Merge app you’re using in the comments.