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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Worldlabel.com - +

A: Worldlabel.com is a manufacturer of labels for printing on laser and inkjet printers. We launched our website in 1998. Since then, we have become a pioneer of online sales when it comes to blank sheet labels, with billions of labels sold. We sell over 120 sizes in over 30 materials. For more information on our product selection and our company, please visit our About Page. Our main emphasis is on quality, price and getting out all orders shipped same day.

Q: I am having trouble finding color, clear, removable, weatherproof, foil, glossy labels. - +

A:Worldlabel has over 120 size blank labels, which are all die cut onto sheets of adhesive coated materials, complete with a release liner on them. Each size is available in many different materials. If you know the label size you need, but still need to decide on what material is right for you, this article can help. You will find adhesive label materials in White Matte, Color, Glossy, Foil, Weatherproof/Waterproof, Vinyl, Clear Labels and more!

Q. How much does shipping cost?- +

A. We do not market up our freight rates and shock you at the end of the checkout. In fact, our UPS Ground rates that we quote online are lower than our actual costs! Generally, when we ship 100 sheets, it costs about $5.00; 1000 sheets are at about $12.95 and 10000 sheets (which weights 300lbs) at about $85.00 | Once you have added an item to the cart, our handy shipping label calculator will give you an accurate freight rate and options | Unfortunately labels weigh a lot and shipping overseas can be super expensive!

Q. How long will it take for my labels to arrive? - +

A. We stock all our products and orders typically arrive within 1-5 business days, from the time the order is processed via UPS Ground Services. Most Orders greater than 500 sheets are shipped out within 3 business days. Products are shipped by ground method via UPS or Truck. If you are shipping overnight, expect to receive after 2 days or require special arrangements. If you need to know an exact arrival date, please contact us using our contact form or call Toll Free (877) 955-2235

Q: Quality of our labels? - +

A: We only use the highest quality Made in the USA materials for our labels. Non-ooze, smudge free, non-curl and easy feed label sheets are a must for clear sharp superior printing. If you have been using brand names like Avery, Staples, and Uline, our labels will work just as well- and you will save! You can test them out before you buy: just visit our Sample Request page here.  If you require technical details for your order, or any standard approval on any material that we supply, please contact our Customer Support for more info.

Q: Can I print a few labels and save the label sheet for future printing? - +

A: Worldlabel.com recommends that a sheet of labels be fed only once through a laser or inkjet printer. Our guarantee of jam-free performance extends only to a sheet of labels that has been through a laser printer a single time. The heat and tight paper path of a laser printer can cause the label to curl after multiple passes through the printer. This could cause the label to jam or peel off inside the printer, resulting in an expensive repair bill. If you are having trouble printing blank sheet labels, this tutorial will give you advice.

Q. What methods of payment does Worldlabel.com accept? - +

A. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover. Check in advance or Net 30 terms (with approved credit app only). If you would like to pay by check, please send it in advance to the address listed on the website. When sending, make sure you include a Purchase order along with the ship to address. For Net 30 day terms, please visit our Business Account page and download a Credit Application. Our approval process is quick. It would be a pleasure serving your business needs.

Q. How are the labels packaged? - +

A. Labels sheets are shrink-wrapped in stacks of 250 sheets with chipboard on the top & bottom of each stack. Orders less than 250 sheets are shrink-wrapped in stacks of 100 sheets with chipboard on the top & bottom of each stack.

Q: How should I store label sheets? - +

A: Store all sheets flat and in a cool area. Avoid heat and direct sunlight.

Q: I am having printing problems - +

A: If you are having printing problems, please Click Here for problem solving this issue. For fitting an image or text onto the label Click Here

Q: Do we sell Avery® labels or software? - +

A: We do not sell Avery® products. We do not represent Avery® and in no way are we affiliated with Avery Dennison Corp. The use of Avery® product code numbers is strictly used for making popular label software template comparisons. We do not sell Avery® software or give software support for Avery® software.

Q: What size should my labels be? - +

A: Your labels fit the container or application area (the labels can't be too big or too small). Please use a ruler to measure the area you intend to apply the label to. Your artwork fits the label size you determined above. Don't butt the text or borders up against the edge of the label because your label sheet will shift through your printer. Allow a safe 1/8" of no printing between the edge of your label and the outer edge of your label art. It's Worldlabel.com's preference that you determine the size of your label.

Q. What kind of adhesive do you use for the labels? - +

A: We use a high quality permanent acrylic emulsion adhesive for labels. We do offer a label with white face material with a removable adhesive. The adhesive we use are patented non-ooz so that labels will not jam printers. Our permanent adhesive will adhere to glass, paper, plastic and most other smooth surfaces.

Q. Will the label sheets work in photocopier? - +

A: All our blank labels are approved for use on photocopiers including Clear, Weatherproof and Glossy materials.

Q: What is our return policy - +

A. If you are in anyway unsatisfied with your order, just send back the unused portion of the order within 30 days from receiving the product for a full refund. If we sent the wrong order, or there is a quality problem, there will be no re-stocking fee; otherwise, all return shipment charges and a fee of 15% will be assessed. If you need to initiate a return, please read how to here.

Q. Can I get samples to try in my printer? - +

A: It would be a pleasure to provide samples for you. Please visit our Sample Request Page by Clicking Here.

Q: Can you open a net 30 day account - +

A: Worldlabel.com offers 30 day accounts for corporations, organizations and other institutions with approved credit references. Please visit our Business Accounts page and download a credit application. If you are interested in bulk pricing and shipping against blanket orders, please read more here.

Q. Differences between a laser or inkjet printer.- +

A: Certain materials are printer specific, as in they can only be printed on by using an Inkjet printer which uses an ink cartridge OR Laser printers which use a toner cartridge.

Q: Are our clear labels really 100% clear? +

A: No label you print at home or the office will be 100% crystal clear like the label on a Fiji water bottle, although it will be very close. Please note that there are 4 variations of clear labels. Our Matte material is transparent but has a frosty finish, and the other has a glossy finish and is our most clear see-through label. We suggest that you Request Samples before ordering more than 250 sheets. 

Q: I need help with designing my labels and label templates- +

A: Worldlabel offers a Label Software Program you can download and test if you are running Windows. For each size label we sell, we offer Free Label Templates in Word, Openoffice/Libreoffice and, if you a graphic designer, for EPS and PDF. We also have an incredible collection of Free Designed Label Printables. You should really look at our selections if you want designs for your own personal use. Keep in mind that the more color coverage your design has, the more toner or ink you will use. If you are flood coating, make sure you allow plenty of time to dry.

Q: Do you have any weatherproof / waterproof labels that I can print on? - +

A: Yes and we are a top seller. We carry a Waterproof material for inkjet printing and White Laser Printable Polyester Labels. Every size we offer is available in these two materials. We suggest that you test these labels out before purchasing. You can request for Free Samples here. You can find more information about our Waterproof and Weatherproof labels by visiting this page.

Q: I need help choosing a label and size - +

A: There are a few factors to consider when buying labels. The first is to make sure you buy a material which will print on your laser or inkjet printer. Some label materials work on both, while others are printer type specific. Then you will need to select the facestock you want to print on. This will be the finish of your label. We recommend you read this article on how to Choose the Right Sheet Labels for your label use.

Q: The Template is not matching up with the labels - +

A: Printing labels can be aggravating at times. Our experience is that the most common cause for labels not matching up with the Template you downloaded from our site is your printer settings. It is probably set to printing on paper and not labels, or thicker paper etc. Please refer to your printer manual regarding instructions on the settings for printing labels on your printer. Changing printer settings almost always applies to printing whether it be on Clear, Glossy or Waterproof materials. Generally, you will need to change your Printer Properties Settings to the type of media you are printing on and/or reduce the DPI or Resolution. Keep in mind that as the sheet travels through the printer around rollers, it does shift slightly from left to right. Also make sure you not designing to the edge, as some printers will not print all the way to the edge of the label sheet. For more solutions with printing template problems read this article.

Q: The Microsoft Word Template is opening up blank - +

A: The template has opened up blank because the gridlines are tuned off. This tutorial will show you how to turn it on. Showing Gridlines in a Word Label Template.

Q: What materials and colors do we offer?- +

A: Each label (with the exception of new additions) is available in 18 different materials for you to work with! Click here for more label material information.

Q: Cannot find the label size or type you require? - +

A: If you do not find it on our site, we probably will have a die plate in stock ready to make your label. Worldlabel.com can manufacture custom-made labels for you. Click Here to find out more! 



If you are looking for help with designing or aligning your labels, or are trying to do a mail merge, please visit our Knowledge Base for how-to, tutorials and more on labels and labeling.

For more questions and answers, please visit our Customer Support page on how to contact us.


It is a pleasure to help you.


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