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Worldlabel Return Policy

Our Simply Easy Return Policy:



Would you like to return your product? We’re glad to issue returns for orders in the last 60 Days:

If you are experiencing a material defect or another such issue that would cause you to need a return/replacement, sending photos of the issue and complete details to us, will assist in getting the swiftest response and resolution to your issue. Just contact us by phone at 914 930 1346, our Contact Page, or you may contact us by email Contact@WorldLabel.com


The Labels you are returning are not matching up with the template?

Please Note: most of the time (99.99%) it is the PRINTER causing printing problems and NOT the labels or template. Some simple adjustments to print properties and refering to the printer manual regarding printing labels can be helpful resoving your issue. Please read here for solution before arranging a return. We are always confident in our labels.


When your return is accepted: a RMA will be sent to you via email with the correct label for your return. Print the RMA label and place on package.  A RMA is a Return Merchandise Authorization and is a number assigned to a order which will be returned for a full or partial refund.


Please Note: sending your return package to our corporate offices in Peekskill NY without Your RMA# can cause shipping fees to the correct facility to be subtracted from your refund credit.  We have multple warehouses thought the USA, and we need your return to go back to the correct facitlity.


Another Detail of Note: For returns where WorldLabel is not at fault, company policy requires a 15% return fee be subtracted from the return credit before it is applied plus shipping expenses.


1) We are sorry, but we cannot accept returns beyond 60 days from original order date.


2) If you have the original box your order came in, you can ship it back in the same way it came, if the packaging has been damaged or discarded, you can return your items in a box in good condition.


3) If you do not include your rma# or do not include other key details such as shipping your return to the correct address, it may be lost in transit, and ineligible for return credit.


4) Best also to mark the RMA# on your package's outside surface, as it will allow for us to process your return more swiftly.


5) When you ship, please ensure to document your tracking# for your return, this will assist in providing updates as your order arrives.


6) When your return is processed at the facility it came from, we will be glad to send your refund in 3-7 Business Days after receipt of your return package.


7) If we do not receive all of the sheets you wish to return, we cannot complete your return and send refund, so please ensure that the count is accurate, and that the packages are sent back securely.


8) If you do decide to use USPS to Return items to us, the Signature Required Service is required to ensure it arrives correctly.



If you have any questions or concerns, beyond what is explained in the instructions above, we will be glad will be glad to address them by email(Contact@WorldLabel.com) by our Contact Page, or phone (914 930 1346).