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Print Your Own Labels

Print your own addresses and mailing labels, shipping labels, product labels, soap and candle labels, bath and body labels, bottle labels, and more! We have 120+ blank label sizes on paper or film sheets that work with your laser or inkjet printer. Our label sheets are die cut onto 8.5” x 11” (US Letter size) sheets. You can print these labels at your business, home, or office – giving you complete control over what you print, how many you want printed, and when you want them.



Every label size and shape will have a corresponding blank label template which can be downloaded for free. They’re available for Microsoft Word, Libreoffice, and Openoffice. They’re also available in .eps or .pdf for graphic designers. You can also use pre-designed templates from our Designed Template Gallery.



Shop By Label Shape


We have labels in the most popular shapes, including rectangular with rounded corners, rectangular with square corners, round and oval shaped labels, CD formats, and more.



Shop By Label Use


Find the right label for your needs by first browsing our list of specific uses. Each page will have our recommendations for sizes and shapes based on your exact application or project.



Shop By Label Material


Choose from our 20+ material options to make your products stand out. Our materials are designed to enhance the appearance of your labeled items. Pick from any one of our glossy, clear, color, or foil materials, and even green/recyclable labels. We also provide durable waterproof/weatherproof materials so your labels can withstand liquids and various environments.



Shop By Size


If you have been buying laser and inkjet labels at the office supply store, more than likely they have been using numbers referencing Avery® label products. We have the same sized Avery© labels products including the popular 5160, 5163, 5164, and 5167 sizes but at conveniently substantial savings. You can cross-reference all of our products with Avery® label template numbers.