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Address Labels

address label on envelope

Blank Address Labels for Laser and Inkjet Printers.


Need address labels for your produce packages or perhaps for your own personal stationary? Discover our printable ready-for-use blank address label sheets, perfect to use with your laser and inkjet printers. Buy your labels online and save 25% to 85% off office supply store prices!


Our address labels work well with all popular label software programs and label templates. Choose from a variety of materials including Clear address labels, Glossy address labels, Foil address labels, Colors and more! Our most popular address label is 1" x 2.625"   WL-875 (Avery 5160 sized) with 30 labels per sheet. For a Return address, we recommend our 1.75" x 0.5" WL-25 (Avery 5167 sized) in 80 labels per sheet, which is the most commonly used size you can find.


We also offer free address label templates for you to download straight from our website! All templates can be used with Word, OpenOffice, LibreOffice and other word processors.


Tip:  It helps to print first on plain paper and then trace over the address label sheet to see if it is aligned well.  Store all address label sheets flat.
5160 standard labels for addressing
WL-875 standard address sheet labels, 30 labels per sheet, same size as Avery 5160 . Our standard white matte is econominal for your address labeling needs.
wrap around address labels
 Envelope address wrap labels. Use a blank label with a long width. Easy to print for both address and return address. Design by Cathe Holden
red bordered address labels
Red bordered vintage address labels printed on WL-175ex full sheet labels and cut out. Find red bordered labels on our Pinterest  Boards.
autofill return address
Use Auto Fill PDF templates. Instantly populate Wl-25 same size as Avery 5167 return adrress labels


Shop for address labels


Buy blank address labels and return address labels for laser and inkjet printers. Our blank printable address labels work with all popular label software programs and label templates.

Looking for additional sizes? Find more address label sizes at Online Labels®

View as:

WL-385 Return Address

1.75" x 0.666"
60 labels per sheet

WL-875 Address/Mailing Label

2.625" x 1"
30 labels per sheet

WL-900 Multipurpose Folder

2.83" x 1"
33 labels per sheet

WL-75 Shipping Label

4" x 1"
20 labels per sheet

WL-100 Mailing Labels

4" x 1.33"
14 labels per sheet

WL-125 Mailing / Shipping

4" x 2"
10 labels per sheet

WL-7000 Waterproof Bottle Labels

7" x 2"
5 labels per sheet


Resources and help with printing DIY Blank Address Labels 


A graphic tutorial on how to create and print DIY address labels in Microsoft Word. Step by step images helps you turn your blank address labels into designed personalized address labels ready to print on sheets of labels with your laser or inkjet printer. View this Graphic Tutorial in PDF on Address Labels in Word.


Need to create the same information on each printed Address Label. This tutorial will quickly help you populate the Word template with the same information


Create fancy address labels with LibreOffice 


Autofill address labels


For no frills, quick print it yourself address labels onto blank laser and inkjet label sheets, our simple AutofillPDF - Labels 1.0 is simple and efficient. Must use Adobe Reader 9.0 or later. Just insert your information into one cell and press any button. In this example we using standard size address label WL-875 same size as 8160, 5160. The template populates automatically with the same information. All Set > ready to print.


Address labels printed on our glossy inkjet material

Printing blank address labels on label sheets using glossy materials can really help enhance the appreance and make your labels stand out. In the example above, we used our WL-875 same size as Avery 8160, 5160 address label on glossy for inkjet material. 



What Would You Like To Do Next?

- Download blank address label templates to help you get started designing and printing 

- Request samples. Before making a purchase, we'd like to make sure that our labels are up to your standards.