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Using Mail Merge in Zoho Creator

Zoho Docs is one of the most up-and-coming online productivity suites on the web. Like Google Docs, it has a spreadsheet application, word processor, and presentation app, each with tons of standard and unique features. One thing Zoho Docs does particularly well is Mail Merge in the Zoho Writer app. Using the application, you can take data from any spreadsheet and Mail Merge it in just a few quick steps.



In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to use Zoho Writer to create address labels from information in a pre-made spreadsheet. Before starting to follow this guide, please ensure you have a spreadsheet with address fields and names ready-to-go. Export this spreadsheet as a CSV file.


Using Mail Merge in Zoho Docs


1. Create a new document.



To start, log into your Zoho Docs account and press the green Create button that is located at the upper right-hand corner of the Docs window. Select Document from the drop-down menu.


2. Import a spreadsheet.




Click on the Tools button from the top of the Zoho Writer window and click the Mail Merge button. Hover over the Import Data Source option in the drop-down menu and select Import CSV File…. You’ll then be prompted to upload a CSV.


Note: You may need to input text in the document before the Mail Merge option becomes available. A period or space works.


3. Select the data you’d like to Mail Merge.




Hover over the Mail Merge button again and select Insert Merge Field. Select the data you would like to include in your labels from the pop-up menu and press the OK button at the bottom of the window.



4. Rearrange your data.




Your document will now show the names of each data field you’ve chosen to Mail Merge in gray data containers. These containers can be rearranged around the document; arrange these containers and move onto the next step.


5. Finalize and edit the Mail Merge.




Click on the Mail Merge button and select the Finish and Merge option. Click Preview merged document from the sub-menu. If you’re satisfied with what you see, you can select Email merged document to send it. If you’re not happy, you can select Edit merged document to edit the data.


And that’s the basics of using Mail Merge in Zoho Writer — make sure to check the WorldLabel Knowledge Base frequently for more Zoho tutorials.