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Cd labeling, Printing blank labels vs Screen Printing

Making CD and DVD Labels with Blank Label Sheets


The cost of blank CDs and DVDs media has dropped drastically recently- causing a large increase in users now burning their own personal and custom CDs and DVDs. CD labeling with blank CD labels has also increased, as people try to personalize their CD and DVD collections. CD duplicators are very popular and their cost has gone down. Identification of your CD and DVD is very important. Buying blank CD labels and having them personalized with with your own images and logos helps you identify your CDs- as well as help to keep them in order. Making CD labels today is getting easier and easier: and Worldlabel can help! Labeling CDs helps to reduce the chances of losing your CDs, all while keeping your collection together. An important reason for having custom printing done on blank CD labels is protection. CD labels will protect the surface of your CDs- leaving them less susceptible to scratches and dirt- which might otherwise cause failure of the CD, including potential loss of the saved data. 



Label Printing vs. Screen Printing


CD screen printing is a technique in which printing is done directly on the CD surface, using a process called "Screen Printing". This process imprints the image permanently onto the surface. This is a very expensive option unless the amount of CDs to be printed is very high. It requires a high degree of precision on part of the printer and cannot be done easily unless you have a screen printer. If you believe you will need your CDs for more than 7 years it is recommended for you to use screen printing.


CD Printing Using Blank Labels


Using blank CD labels for your CDs allows you to select the kind of finish you would like to have for your labels. Screen printing does not offer this option. With blank labels, you can easily print out your own designs and logos on either your laser or inkjet printer! Printing on blank labels will prove much less expensive than screen printing. It will save a lot of time by not having to out-source. CD label applicators and kits are available commercially and are low in price. By precisely positioning the labels exactly at the center of the disc, these applicators make pasting the printed CD labels onto the CD a quick and easy process, eliminating any air bubbles existing between the label and the CD surface.


Making your own blank CD labels manufacturers CD labels in a wide variety of materials and finishes. - from Clear Matte Blank CD Labels, to White Blank CD labels; you can also find Color Fluorescent and Pastel Color CD Labels to really catch the eye! Blank Foil CD Labels can be found in both Silver and Gold. also carries Plain White CD Labels which are made from a Weatherproof Vinyl material, specifically for extra durablility and to use with laser printing. The Brite Metal Foil Blank CD Labels are available in either Gold or Silver finish, which offers a shiny, reflective surface. This makes for very attractive CD labels when printed upon, and the possibilities of creativity are seemingly endless! The Clear style labels allow the CD surface to shine through, while still protecting it and allowing you to print on the blank labels. We offer a Clear style material for laser as well as a Clear materal for Inkjet printing.


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