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Creating Labels With The Same Mailing Address In Word


This tutorial will show you the quickest and easiest way to create a label sheet in Microsoft Word with the same address. 


To begin, start with typing your address in once, and populate the complete label sheet with the same information with a click.







Open up your current version of Microsoft Word and click on Mailings.





Click on labels and Open up Envelopes and Labels > click Labels and the Word Label Wizard opens. Click on Options. From here you can look for the vendor you are using. For the case of this tutorial, we will use Avery 5160 size, which you will find in the Avery US Letter size section. Avery 5160 is the same size as our WL-875





Press OK, and then type your address in the Address field.





Press New Document, and a Microsoft Word Label Template will open with the complete label sheet populated with the same address.





You are now ready to print. However, first check that your printer settings are ready to print labels.







Would you like more information about Word and Labels?  Or perhaps you are trying to do a Mail Merge from Excel to Word? Our Knowledge Base has all the Howtos to get you from start to finish printing labels.