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How to Create Mailing Labels in Word

Learn how to create your own mailing labels using Microsoft Word’s built-in tools.



Creating your Mailing Labels:


  • 1) Start Microsoft Word.
  • 2) Click the New Document button.
  • 3) From the Tools menu, select Letters and Mailings, then select Envelopes and Labels.
  • 4) Select the Labels tab, click Options, select the type of labels you want to create and then click OK.
  • 5) Click New Document.




User Interface for MS Word Label Wizard



Type and format the content of your labels:


  • 1) Turn on table gridlines (borders) so that you can see the outline of your labels: from the Table menu, choose Show Gridlines.
  • 2) If you’re creating a page of labels that will all look the same, type and format one label, then use copy and paste to create the rest of the labels (see step 5 for details on copy and paste).




Insert photos into your labels:


  • - Scan your photos.
  • OR
  • - Use photos that you have saved on your computer's hard drive.




Resize or move each image as needed so that it fits in the label:


If you want to duplicate information (text and/or photos) in every label, copy and paste the information into each label.



To do this you need to:



  • 1) Select the text and/or photos you want to duplicate.
  • 2) From the Edit menu, select Copy
  • 3) Place your cursor in a label where you want to place the information.
  • 4) From the Edit menu, select Paste.



Save your Mailing labels:


  • 1) From the File menu, select Save.
  • 2) In the Save As window, locate and open the folder where you want to save the labels.
  • 3) Type a name for your labels, then click Save.



If you want to preview your labels:


  • - From the File menu, select Print Preview.
  • OR
  • - Click the Print Preview button.


When you are done previewing, click Close to close the preview window.


Click on File and press Print.