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Labels For Your Envelopes

Print you own labels for your address / mailing envelopes

white label on envelope

Envelopes for addressing and mailing will have two labels:  one for the To address and the other for the From address (sometimes referred to as the return address).


The most popular size label for standard envelope sizes (such as the To address) is our WL-875 (same size as Avery 5160). For the return labels, our WL-25 (same size as Avery 5167) is the most popular. For a label size which are smaller than the 5160, you can try 60 labels per sheet on a US letter size 8.5 x 11” which will work for both return and to. For something different and fun you can create a wrap around envelope labels. Our WL-7000 is a good size for using as a wrap around.


Worldlabel white matte material is the most economical, and prints well on both laser and inkjet printers. For a fancy look glossy or clear labels are popular. 


Tips for Designing: If you have a PC our label design software can help you create great looking labels for your envelopes. Each size label also has a corresponding free template you can download and use to help format your labels. If you need to make labels in a hurry, all with the same mailing address read about our Autofill-PDF Templates There is no quicker what of populating a sheet of labels for envelope addressing. Visit our pinterest boards for great designs you can find and downoad for free and espercialy our envelope wrap labels board if you interested in those.



Common size labels used for Addressing Envelopes:



Return address

WL-25 Return address, same size as Avery 5167: 1.75 x .05"

WL-385 Return address, same size as Avery 5195: 1.75 x 0.66 

WL-875 Standard Envelope label, Avery 5160, 8160 sized. 

WL-725 label for addressing envelopes: 4 x 1.427"

WL-75 label: 4 x 1" Same size as Avery 5161, 8161





If you are interested in testing our labels before you buy, please visit our sample request page. If you or your company buys labels in bulk several times a year, you might want to set up a blanket order program (through which you can receive huge discounts). Please consider opening up a Net 30 business account with our organization.




  • Learn how to create and and print envelope labels and mail merges, visit our Knowlede Base
  • Print on plain paper first and trace over the label sheet to make sure everything is aligned
  • Read your printer manual's instuctions about printing labels
  • Store labels flat and away from heat and sunlight



Please do not hesitate contacting us if you have any questions.


-Team WorldLabel