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Using PDF Label Templates in Adobe Illustrator


If you are preparing to design your own labels, you might want to read this comprehensive tutorial on how to design your labels with Adobe® Illustrator. This tutorial is based on the use of address labels, however, the techniques can be applied to almost any label design you can think of!


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1) What You Need
2) Getting Started
3) That's it for the setup. Now we're ready to get to the fun part!
4) Designing the First Label
5) For All Labels
6) Making Your Label Unique
7) Type-Based Designs
8) Adding Photos and Clipart
9) Drawing Directly in Illustrator
10) Filling Up the Label Sheet
11) Preparing the First Label
12) Filling the Page
13) Making Changes
14) Fixing Typos, Oops, and Other Minor Edits
15) If You're Using Illustrator CS3
16) If You're Not Using Illustrator CS3
17) Designing Whole New Labels