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Labels with the same information from a Word Label Template


Populate Return Address Labels with the same information with a MS Word Label Template - find quick ways to insert images, text and other information you want.


Start printing your own labels. Creating labels quick and easy with our WL-25 address labels, same size as Avery 5167, 8167 80 labels per sheet, 1.75" x 0.5" label size with rounded corners.



If you need to print the same address or information on all your labels, usually for a Return Address, or perhaps you need to ship multiple packages to the same address, useful also in circumstances where you need the same image populated to all the label cells on a Word Template - Who wants to keep copying and pasting? Following are a few tips and choices you can use to help you populate your Word Template with the same information.


First, Open up the Label Wizard already installed in Microsoft Word:



In our case we will use WL-25 (same size as Avery 5167) size with 80 labels per sheet as an example. In the Address: dialogue, type in your desired information



Press New Document, your Word Template is populated and ready to print:



Now lets say you using a Word Label Template size that is not in the Word label Wizard -it can get a little tricker. But there are fast ways also.


Open up a Word Template, we will use WL-25 size again. In the First Label Cell, type in your desired information



Then, and this is the tricky part, while holding down the left key on your mouse and scrolling down, you will see blue highlights. In all the cells you want the same information, scroll down while holding the Ctrl key.



Then click paste, and your sheet is populated with the same address ready to print:



Inserting an image will work the same as the previous step. Insert an image, make sure its the correct size and in the right postion > highlight all the label cells you want populated with that image, and paste





More on Printing Labels with the same information:


Autofill-PDF labels - these are editable filable PDF label templates. There are an assortment of sizes with different functionality. You can literally populate your template with images and text in seconds. 


Visit our Knowledge Base for more information on how to use Label Templates to print your own labels.