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Round Labels (Circular) For Laser And Inkjet Printers

Print your own Blank Round Labels at home or the office!


Our labels come die cut onto 8.5” x 11” sheets and are blank, as well as easily printable on both laser or inkjet printers. We have many different sizes including blank 2” and 3” round labels. Several different label materials we offer come in: white matte, gold and silver foil, flourescent and pastels colors, removable circle adhesive labels, clear circle labels, weatherproof (and more!) and all are available today. Sames sizes as with Avery® round labels are also available for you to choose from at our site. 



Use for:

 - Coding Inventory

 - Glass Bottles 

 - Plastic Bottles

 - Mason Jar Lids

 - Product Packaging

 - Mailer Seals

 - Food containers

>>>> and lots more

printed brown kraft round labels
Brown Kraft Round labels used for Favors . Our BK Material
round labels for canning
Our WX mateial used for mason jar labeling
white round labels
Labels with an AT material in the freezer.

Circular (round) and oval shaped labels are commonly used for craft products like soap and candles, cookie and brownie packaging- especially when working with our kraft material. Each circle-shaped label size works beautifully with our easy to download circular or oval label template for free! Design your label and start printing on your laser and inkjet printers. As the quantity of label sheets you buy increases, the pricing keeps getting lower and lower!


WL-5275 Round Label

0.75" Circle
108 labels per sheet

WL-1025 Round Label

63 labels per sheet

WL-6000 Round Label

1.2" Circle
48 labels per sheet

WL-2088 Round labels

1.5" Circle
30 labels per sheet

WL-325 Round Label

1.67" Circle
24 labels per sheet

WL-5375 Round Labels

2" Round (circle)
20 labels per sheet

WL-8750 Circle labels

2.25" Circle
12 labels per sheet

WL-350 Round labels

2.5" Circle
12 labels per sheet

WL-5525 Round label

2.875" Circle
6 labels per sheet

WL-375 Round labels

6 labels per sheet

WL-7425 Round Laser/ Inkjet Label

3.9375" Circle
4 labels per sheet

WL-5475 Round Laser, Inkjet Label

4.5" Circle
2 labels per sheet


Round Label Info / Design / Printing Tips: 1) We suggest you do not use a border around the circumference of the circle shape as this can create alignment issues. 2) Generally, it is better starting your design at the center of the label working outwards. 3) Leave space from the edges of the round label and use a bleed if you flood coating with color. 4) Print on a plain paper first and trace over the sheet label labels to confirm everything aligns well.  




Tutorials to help you design round labels:

a) How to design and print round labels with Microsoft Word templates

b) Round labels with Adobe Illustrator 



We also recommend printing round labels onto full sheet labels as well as using a punch hole to stamp out the labels. Round labels can also be referred to as Circular Labels or Circle Labels. 


round mason jar lid label
Handdrawn Chalkboard Labels for Valentines Day by Val. Round labels are perfect for Mason Jar Lids.
WL-350wx, our standard white matte material used for salad food containers. Round labels are popular for fresh food preperations.
hershey's kisses labels
1 inch round labels used as Hershey Kisses labels. 1" labels are used for many applications. 
small seal labels
Round labels used as envelop seals and as favor labels.
round spice jar
 Round spice jar labels hand written by Emily Mcdowell part of a pantry printable collection
Vintage round labels by Cathe Holden. Print on full sheet labels and cut out.


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