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Personalized Labels - an Exhibition with and

The Label Graphic Exhibition

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100s of Free Address Labels which can be personalized in Opendocument Format Templates. Created using color palettes from




The Address Labels Exhibition


FOR CD LABELS USE: Worldlabel Product code: WL-875, 1" x 2.625", 30 labels per sheet, Same size as Avery® 5160 and 8160


Sleepy 3
Blue in the Face 2
Monkey Priest
Love For Broccoli
Frog Princess
Thai Orchid 1
Get Over It Already
A Bright New Month
Inuit Dance
Caramelle Mou
Botany Major
Lemon Ginger Bread


Fix Yourself Up 2
Delayed Present 1
Coke 2
Who Can Fly
A Tasty Cucumber 2
Dramatic Sunrise
Mittens 2
Egyptian Gold Tomb
Cake PHP
I'd Love to Turn You On 1
Tiger Spot Frog 2
New Capture 1
Books and Coffee
Forget the Callous
Juicy Pears 1
Here I Am
Young Seahorse
So Bold Too Bold
Pop Up Music
At Dusk in Venice
Brush Fire
Little Solace Now 2
Ice Cube Sex 1
Ice Cube Sex 2
Ice Cube Sex 3
Cutter Flies
Impromptu Tutu
So Lonely
Dinner at O Sole Mio 1
To Be Or Not To Be
Mute On
Cool and Calm
A Breath Away
Morning Sun
Love Love Love 1
Love Love Love 2
Sudden Smile


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