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Personalized Labels - an Exhibition with Colourlovers.com and Openoffice.org

The ColourLovers.com Label Graphic Exhibition


in Openoffice.org Writer by Worldlabel.com

Each label design on display was created using only one ColourLovers.com palette. Start personalizing your own labels, download an Openoffice.org Writer OpenDocument Format template for free, personalize the information and make your own labels.

Feel free to remix, reuse, share. All labels released Creative Commons License Creative Commons License



The Address Labels and CD/DVD Labels



View the CD Labels Exhibition

View the Address Labels Exhibition



To view templates, use any of the following office suites: OpenOffice.org, Koffice, StarOffice, IBM Lotus Symphony, or any other office suite supporting the OpenDocument format. For Microsoft Office users, an ODF plugin is required and can be downloaded for free Sun ODF plugin for MS Office


Thanks To:

A special thanks to Lyell Rodieck known as GreenMyEyes at ColourLovers for her design contributions, all the anonymous contributors and the Worldlabel.com design team.


Tips to Personalize:

Click at the beginning of text and type your personal information. You can also easily change the font, font size, and color by selecting the text and using the lists on the menu bar above the labels. Other options include resizing the text box, moving it to another position on the label, or adding another text box for more information. To make these changes, just click on the box around the text and drag the box corner to resize or drag the box itself to move. To add other options like adding a border or background color, double-click the box around the text and make changes in the window that appears.



Printers have different settings. We recommend you first print on plain paper and trace over the label sheet. Templates are table based, margins can be moved to help if there are alighnment problems.


Exhibition Entries:

Want to see your designs in the exhibition! We would be happy to display them - submit your graphics to Worldlabel @gmail.com. We will format them into templates and publish in the exhibit.

Creative Commons License



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Openoffice.org is an Office Suite similar to Microsoft Office®, developed by a community and sponsored by Sun Microsystems. It is 100% free to download. It comes with programs compatible with Word, Excel, and Powerpoint and also an equation editor, a drawing program, and a lot more!

See Why.Openoffice.org