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Address Labels - an Exhibition of Personalized Labels with Colourlovers and

The Label Graphic Exhibition

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100s of Free Address Labels which can be personalized in Opendocument Format Templates. Created using color palettes from




The Address Labels Exhibition


FOR CD LABELS USE: Worldlabel Product code: WL-875, 1" x 2.625", 30 labels per sheet, Same size as Avery® 5160 and 8160


Tobias And The Angel
February Sun
Fading Girlfriend 1
Shadow Tree 3
Vague Butterfly
Peaceful Dreaming 1
Betan 4
Crimson Tide 1
Zen Persimmon
Fairy Dust
Blow Out
Rose Rush
Your Timely Demise
Grass Widows
Apple Farm
Paradisiac Life
Where Love Belongs
Duck at Dusk 1
Mint Delights
Twisted Logic
Pecan Pie Ala Mode
Whipper Snapper Me 1
Only at Midnight 2
Candy Shop
Innocent Bystander
Morning Conversation
Be Number One
Gently I Fall
Traveler 1
Luciens Skin 1
Waking Up 1
European Streets
Mythical Creature 3
It's You That I Adore
Sunset On A Rainbow
Victorian Lady
Stay Away 1
Ain't No Other Man
Onion Soup
Acid Wash
New Mistake
Coke 1
Moody 3
Kashmir 3
Fed Up
Manga Pluto
Eve and Adam
Sunshine Wine
In Passing


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