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Blank Laser and Inkjet Mailing Labels

Ready to print label sheets for your mailing project. Buy online factory direct.


Worldlabel.com has blank mailing labels in many different colors and materials! Choose your favorite from options like clear, glossy, kraft, gold or silver foil (and more!) which will help give your mailings a slick, professional look. Our laser and inkjet mailing labels work easily with all of your popular label software programs and label templates.


Mailing labels are an excellent choice for you to use when doing Mail Merge programs and letter mailings. Mailing labels come on US letter size (8.5 x 11”) printable label sheets. We also have popular size mailing labels including WL-875 (Avery® 5160 size)  30 up labels and our WL-125 (Avery® 5163 sized) with 10 labels per sheet.  Buy mailing labels online and save huge when comparing to leading brand names for your specific labeling needs.


Tip: For the ideal and economic choice for most mailing labeling uses, our standard white matte material with permanent adhesive material (WX) is the perfect selection. First print on plain paper and trace over the mailing label sheet to see if it is aligned well. For a great guide to the process, please visit our Mail Merge Tutorials to learn more!

Use for:


- Standard envelopes of all sizes

- Kraft mailers, and thick cardboard mailers

- Padded large envelopes and mailers

- Small boxes for mailing and shipping

- Protective sleeves

- Labels for Mail Merges

- Mailing tubes, cardboard or plastic

We offer free mail label templates perfect for each size. These templates are ready for you to download from our website, which you can easily use in Word, Openoffice, Libreoffice and other word processors.  


Here is a how-to for making labels in Word. And everything you need to know about Mail Merge in Openoffice / Libreoffice.org


YouTube has great video tutorials to walk you though mail merge.

Print your mailing labels on our glossy paper to make your labels really look professional!


Mailing Label Sizes:


View as:

WL-1100 Return Address

1.5" x 0.5"
100 labels per sheet

WL-975 Multipurpose Label

1.5" x 1"
50 labels per sheet

WL-25 Return Address

1.75" x 0.5"
80 labels per sheet

WL-385 Return Address

1.75" x 0.666"
60 labels per sheet

WL-5125 Ink Jet, Laser

2" x 1"
40 labels per sheet

WL-950 Address Label

2.625" x 0.875"
33 labels per sheet

WL-875 Address/Mailing Label

2.625" x 1"
30 labels per sheet

WL-775 3.5 Diskette Labels

2.675" x 2"
15 labels per sheet

WL-900 Multipurpose Folder

2.83" x 1"
33 labels per sheet

WL-750 Multipurpose Label

2.83" x 2.2"
15 labels per sheet

WL-675 Multipurpose Label

2.83" x 2.75"
12 labels per sheet

WL-1125 VHS Label

3.0625" x 1.8125"
10 labels per sheet

WL-250 Address Labels - Mailing Labels

4" x 1.5"
12 labels per sheet

WL-125 Mailing / Shipping

4" x 2"
10 labels per sheet

WL-150 Shipping Label

4" x 3.33"
6 labels per sheet

If your company does mass mailings several times a year, read about our blanket order pricing

vintage parcel labels for mailing
Vintage themed gumed mailing labels printed on WL-125 label sheets, 10 labels per sheet. Same size as Avery 5163 and 8163
 4" x 2" labels, our WL-125, 10 labels per sheet is often used for mailing out larger envelopes and small cartons. Same size as Avery 5163 and 8163.
air mail printable label set
Worldlabel offers tons of great designed label printable templates for mailings and more