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Custom Label Sizes

If you can’t find the size, shape, or configuration required for your project, we can help. We can produce custom labels for nearly all of your labeling needs.

To request a custom label size, shape, or configuration, please email [email protected] with the following information:

  1. 1) Your name, address, company name (if applicable), and phone number
  2. 2) A mockup or sketch of your custom labels and/or the following details:
    1. a) Label shape (square corner rectangle, round corner rectangle, circle, oval, irregular)
    2. b) Height, width, and corner radius (if applicable)
    3. c) Number of labels across
    4. d) Number of labels down
    5. e) Horizontal spacing
    6. f) Vertical spacing
    7. g) Left/right page margins
    8. h) Top/bottom page margins
  3. 3) Desired label material
  4. 4) Intended quantity of finished sheets

Please note there is a one-time setup fee starting at $99.95 and a 100-sheet minimum order.

Get Started

Once your request is received, we'll create a quote and proof for your review. If you would like to move forward with your die request, we’ll produce and ship your labels in 5-7 business days.