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Page 2 - CD Labels and DVD Labels - an Exhibition of Personalized Labels with Colourlovers and

The Label Graphic Exhibition

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100s of Free Address Labels which can be personalized in Opendocument Format Templates. Created using color palettes from




The CD Labels Exhibition


FOR CD LABELS USE: product # WL-5075, Same size as Avery® 5931


A Toast to Bad Taste
Sophisticated Liz
Young Seahorse
Mute On
Audaces Fortuna Iuvat 1
Audaces Fortuna Iuvat 2
Books and Coffee
Egyptian Gold Tomb
To Be Or Not To Be
Proudest Existence
Anonymity 1


Sweet Rachel
Apple Farm
Caramelle Mou
Stardust 1
Talk Play Love
I Am Loving Ice Cream
Mille Et Une Nuits 2
Spanish Sunrise 2
Gems Agate
Peaceful Dreaming 1
Raqs Sharqi
Vague Butterfly


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