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Vinyl And Polyester Drum (Barrels) Labels on blank label sheets.

Polyester labels on chemical barrels outdoors


Durable Labels For Your Drums / Barrels - outdoor weatherproof uses | print your self offers over 120 blank labels sizes, including vinyl self adhesive labels for inkjet printing and polyester for laser printing. Our vinyl or polyester labels can be used as Drum Barrel labels. They can both be coated to allow for a sharp print for barcodes and to help toner or ink dry. Drum Barrel labels are excellent choices for outdoor applications,  applications where durability is required. They are also helpful for long term storage use is needed and can be used in different environments. For drums / barrels containing foods, powders and other non liquid products, our standard white matte material will work just fine; however, a stronger adhesive material should be considered....for example, you can use our quality AT material.


FOR INKJET PRINTING: White Vinyl labels are both weatherproof and waterproof and they are a 60 lb. bright white face sheet with a 50 lb. liner. Made from our durable vinyl material. The adhesive is a high quality acrylic permanent adhesive. Excellent printing results with most types of inkjet printers. Do not use with general label printers. For use specifically with drums, chemicals and most harsh environments. Change in printer settings- including the media which you are printing on and a deduction in DPI/Resolution settings- might be required.


FOR LASER PRINTING: White Polyester labels are weatherproof and waterproof, is a very durable and easy to use material.  Facestock Weight: 56 lbs. per ream ± 10% Facestock Caliper: 2.0 mil ± 10%. Read the specs hereDo not use with inkjet label printers. Use for Barrel Drums, chemicals containers and most harsh environments. Changes in printer settings- including any kind of media you are printing on and a deduction in DPI/Resolution settings- might be required.


Look For your Size

View as:

WL-1000 Multipurpose Label

1.5" x 1"
50 labels per sheet

WL-5100 Shipping/Wine Bottle Label

3.5" x 5"
4 labels per sheet

WL-550 Multipurpose Label

4.25" x 2.75"
8 labels per sheet

WL-145 Shipping Labels

6" x 4"
2 labels per sheet

WL-351 Labels

8" x 3.5"
3 labels per sheet

WL-400 Shipping Label

8.5" x 5.5"
2 labels per sheet

WL-175 Multipurpose Label

8.5'' x 11"
1 labels per sheet

Polyester or vinyl label materials have strong adhesives and can be applied to many different kinds of materials and surfaces. You will find that both are easily durable and can withstand harsh environments.

Fluorescent labels can help your products really stand out! Especially important when labeling hazardous materials. Color weatherproof labels require custom label manufacturing.

one label per page adhesive labels

The Full Sheet Labels in Polyester, our WL-175LP is the most popular kind of material used today for large scale barrel labeling.

TIPS: Always make sure you store vinyl and polyester labels in a cool and dry place, flat and out of the sun. Do not buy labels for more than 6 months' usage at a time. For small size printers, it is best to run a couple of sheets through the printer at a time.


We recommend that you test our labels before purchasing. Please request samples here. If your company buys labels multiple times a year, please check out our Buy Bulk Programs so that we can save you even more money!