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Desktop Publishing - Labeling

The term (definition) for . The "Desktop" in "Desktop Publishing" refers to the Desktop Computer. Abbreviated: DTP


Desktop publishing encompasses a very large area of topics and subjects- and includes Templates, printing, fonts, logos, book design, Typography, Finishing, hardware, software, letterheads, business cards and more. One thing is for certain: self-publishing is exploding as new writers bypass traditional publishing and start doing even more of it themselves. Every office and home with a Desktop Computer- as well as a Desktop Printer- can start self-publishing their own documents easily. With advancements in PDAs, many functions of the desktop computer can no be done on a Palm or your own Pocket PC. Today even web page design is a form of desktop publishing. Web pages in Html, ASP and other codes are documents published from a computer.


Worldlabel.com specialises in a niche area of DTP: laser printing and inkjet printing of labels from Desktop Computers. Desktop graphic software programs are an important aspect of what Worldlabel.com develops, in order to help create documents directly from the Desktop. A comprehensive list of templates in Word File and PDF files have been developed as well. For downloading single Templates, please start here. Worldlabel.com also offers the Pro Wizard Designer: a shareware program for Windows OS. Pre-designed Templates for different types of business documents can be printed easily at home or office with your Desktop Computer and Printer.


The availability of PDF Templates for the Desktop publishing of labels is a big advancement for users. These Templates fill a huge void for Mac OS users. There is a shortage of good Desktop printing software for labeling with the Mac OS. Our PDF and EPS Templates work on most popular graphic design programs such as Photoshop, Freehand, Staroffice, Corel Draw, Quark Express, and Indesign. We make the process of Desktop Publishing your labels easy- find your labels at Worldlabel.com today! 


Our research is endless. We study which paper, film and foil will print best, be it with both laser and inkjet or separately (i.e. inkjet only, or laser only). We constantly have to test out ink types and toner types. During research we make sure to answer important questions, such as: Is color printing needed? What type of printer will be used? Is high speed printing needed for best results? We do this to ensure superior publishing quality of our labels.
Please make sure to check back soon! We plan to introduce a section of news relating to graphic design software for Desktop Publishing- as well as other news topics related to labeling. Thank you for exploring Worldlabel.com!