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The Infinity V1 RFID Tag and Inlay Embedding System for Smart RFID Label Converting

RFID Embedding


The Infinity V1 RFID Tag and Inlay Embedding System for Smart RFID Label Converting


The Infinity V1 is a highly flexible state of the art RFID Smart Label converting machine targeting many different market sectors including supply chain, consumer packaging, as well as:


- Warehousing, Inventory, Manufacturing

- Pharmaceuticals

- Asset management

- Equipment, personnel and patient tracking in hospitals

- Airport and Transportation baggage tracking tags

- Library Systems, Filing, Archiving, Document control

- Special Situations

- and many other applications



The machine is highly flexible and compact catering to many different sizes of labels and it can insert all types and sizes of RFID tags, accordingly to exact customer requirements. Targeted output of the machine is at least 100 labels per minute.

The RFID tag can be embedded in any locations on the label depending on the customer requirement with the positioning accuracy of ±1 mm in the feed direction; ±1 mm across the feed direction and angularity ±1.5°

The operation of the machine is independent from the down stream conversion processes, such as lamination and cutting process. It has a buffer station that can cater up to 800 mm of completed reel. This enables ease of interfacing this machine into the conversion line.

An added unique feature of the Infinity V1 is during the converting process, the Machine is able to inspect and then embedded only readable RFID tags from the inlay reel onto the liner in the RFID conversion process. Rejected RFID tag will be reeled up instead of dispensing onto the liner. RFID labels with working RFID tags are only produced in the conversion process and the extra costs incurred due to labels with bad RFID tag and the time spent can be save


The Infinity V1 – RFID tag embedding


The Infinity V1 converting system provides a low cost method of embedding RFID tags/inlays accurately into a paper or film label even though each production batch has varying size labels and requires a different type of RFID tag to be embedded in a different area of the label. The multiple patent pending processes has proven to have the highest read rates in the industry. The novel online bad tag detection and removal system insures maximum quality and readability of the labels.


The Infinity V1 – RFID tag embedding


The new generation RFID Tag/Inlay embedding machine was jointly developed and built with TÜV SÜD PSB Group

The machine will be produced in Singapore and the current lead-time is approximately 12 weeks. The Infinity can be modulated with current label converting lines or used stand alone. Set-up is easy and turn around time for creating different batches of RFID Labels is quick. A user friendly Touch Pad enables the operator to key in the metric of the length needed for accurate insertion. The Infinity V1 versatility, compactness and accuracy in embedding inlays is a major advancement in Smart Label converting technology.