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Openoffice.org Label Templates Europe and Asia sizes



Download for free Blank label templates in .ott file format for 2.0 version for Writer. A4 size, Europe and Asia paper format. Templates include CD and DVD. Avery® cross reference, a large lection of labels for mailing, shipping and many other labeling uses. . VHS, Diskette Templates and more. Ooo Writer labels templates will work on Openoffice.org program installed on Linux and other OS including Windows. These templates are Public Domain Documents.


Download by right-clicking on the download link and "Save Link As..." Open the file from OpenOffice.org using File, Open


USA a5 sizes (8.5" x 11" paper format)

Draw Templates (CD Writer templates with label outlines)

Label Templates Main


Labels Size Our item Avery® Cross ref. Numbers Labels per Sheet Description Download r .ott file formats
Address, mailing, shipping and parcel label templates
34mm x 64mm WL-SG3464 L7159, L8159 24 Address, mailing Download
38mm x 64mm WLSG3864 L7160, L8160 21 Address Download
46mm x 63mm WL-SG4663 L7161, L8161 18 Address, Parcel Download
34mm x 99mm WL-SG3499 L7162, L8162 16 Download
38mm x 99mm WL-SG3899 L7163, L8163 14 Download
63mm x 72mm WL-SG6372 L7164, L8164 12 Mailing, shipping Download
67mm x 99mm WL-SG6799 L7165, L8165 8 Mailing Download
93mm x 99mm WL-SG9399 L7166, L8166 6 Parcel, Shipping Download
199 x 289mm WL-SG199289 L7167, L8167 1 Full Sheet Label Download
143 x 199mm WL-SG143188 L7168, L8168 2 Shipping Download
99mm x 139mm WL-SG99139 L7169, L8169 4 Parcel, Shipping Download
21mm x 38mm WL-SG3821 L7651 65 Return Address Download
57mm x 99mm WL-SG9957 L9957 10 Download
Media labels
90mm x 31mm WL-SGACL L7655, L8655 12 Audio Cassette Download
70mm x 70mm WL-DISKw L7664, L8664 12 Diskette Download
70mm x 50mm WL-DISKf L7666, L8666 15 Diskette Download
76mm x 46mm WL-SGVTF L7671, L8671 12 Video Tape Face Download
17mm x 143mm WL-SGVTS L7674, L8674 15 Video Tape Spine Download
CD/DVD Full Face WL-SGCDFULL 2 CD/DVD Download
CD/DVD Basic WL-SGCDA4 2 CD/DVD Download
CD/DVD Basic WL-SGCDB 2 CD/DVD Download
Mini CD WL-SGMINICD 4 Mini CD Download


For the complete collection in Zip file download OOo Labels



Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Public Domain License.


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Store all labels flat and avoid heat and direct sunlight!!!


We do not sell Avery® products and are in no way affiliated with Avery-Dennison Corp ®. Avery ® cross-reference numbers are used here ONLY for selection of proper software template layout in most popular label software programs. Avery Labels cross reference