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SVG documents label templates using XML

SVG Document templates Scalable Vector Graphics


SVG Document templates - Version 1.0 utlilizes both SVG and XML can be viewed with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and other Internet Browsers supporting the SVG format. These documents are best viewed with Firefox. I.E. users, right click and use Zoom In and Zoom Out function.

SVG is a language for describing two-dimensional graphics and graphical applications in XML. SVG 1.1 is a W3C Recommendation.

SVG documents were created using Inkscape.org and can be opened and edited with the program. Download Inkscape here.

These SVG documents can be saved and opened for editing in Openoffice.org Draw ODF Open Document format: you will require a SVG Reader here, SVG Import Filter and Java version 1.5.X i activated, read instructions here. SVG Document label templates are in USA size 8.5 x 11" paper format.

GIMP, Amaya, Sketsa, and other graphic editors which support SVG, can be used to open and edit these documents.

These templates, in conjunction with Openoffice.org and the OpenClipart.org library, gives you an end to end open source solution for creating labels.


Openoffice.org Open Document format XML Label Templates

Label Templates Main


Labels Size Our item Avery® Cross ref. Numbers Labels per Sheet Description SVG Document (right click to save)
CD, DVD, address, mailing, shipping and label templates
2.625" x 1" WL-875 5160®, 8160™ 30 Address View
4" x 1" WL-75 5161®, 8161™ 20 Address View

4" x 1.33"

WL-100 5162®, 8162™ 14 Mailing View
4" x 2" WL-125 5163®, 8163™ 10 Mailing/Shipping View

 4" x 3.33"

WL-150 5164™, 8164™ 6 Shipping View
3.5" x 5" WL-5100 5168™ 4 Multipurpose View
1 3/4" x 1/2" WL-25 5167™, 8167™ 80 Return Address View
1.67" circle WL-325 5193™ 24 Round View
2.5" circle

WL- OL350

5194™ 12 Round View
4.5" CD WL-1200 5824™ 2 CD, DVD View
4.656" CD WL-5025   2 CD Memorex® View
4.64" CD WL-5050   2 CD Stomper® View
4.62" CD WL-5075 5931™ 2 CD Avery ® View
4.65" CD WL-5625   2 Full Face View


The following Organizations, programs and brower was used for the development of the SVG Documents



Inkscape is an Open Source vector graphics editor, W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format


International industry consortium founded in 1994 whose purpose is to develop specifications, guidelines, software, and tools to promote the Internet's

Downlowd Firefox

The award-winning open source Web browser

Get Openoffice.org

A great free alternative Office Suit to replace to MS Office and Word


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This work is licensed under aCreative Commons Public Domain License.


Worldlabel.com Inc. will continue to do R&D with SVG Documents and XML using PNG format for all types of pre-press template applications and for further upgrading of these type SVG Documents for web based transfer and graphic editing.

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We do not sell Avery® products and are in no way affiliated with Avery-Dennison Corp ®. Avery ® cross-reference numbers are used here ONLY for selection of proper software template layout in most popular label software programs. Avery Labels cross reference numbers are for are not indicative of sheet performance and type.