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Blank Printable Canning Labels for all your containers.

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Start printing your own blank canning labels on sheets 


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If you enjoy canning foods as a hobby, or perhaps you own a small business that is selling at the local farmer's markets, or you work at any large canned goods and products manufacturer, we have the best labels for you or your business! Whether you are in need of labels for glass and tin containers or multiple mason jars, our round labels or rectangular labels, which can be easily added to any o your cans/jars lids and sides, are the perfect solution for completing your goal.

The best material to use for basic canning and jar labeling for storage is our Standard White Matte material (WX) with permanent adhesive. If you are selling products you have canned at farmers' markets or in stores, you might want to consider our glossy materials for an enhanced apprerance. Silver and gold foil as well as brown kraft labels are popular materials to use for canning. Clear label materials can also look excellent on certian glass canning jars. For refrigerations and freezing cans, we suggest using our Aggressive Adhesive material (AT), which is an all temperature adhesive.

Perhaps it is the holiday season and you need labels fit for all the canning jars you will be packing with your yummy homemade preservatives and jams! Our printable labels come on sheets and are perfect for you. They will work on either your laser or your inkjet printers.

If you need templates to help you design your own personalized canning labels, we offer free label template downloads. Check out our free pre-designed label templates and discover free designs that you can choose from, straight from the website to you! 

Tips: our Pinterest boards, using waterproof materials, mason jars. Help choosing size.


Popular Sizes For Canning


View as:

WL-5275 Round Label

0.75" Circle
108 labels per sheet

WL-1025 Round Label

63 labels per sheet

WL-6000 Round Label

1.2" Circle
48 labels per sheet

WL-6025 Oval Label

1.5" x 0.75" Oval
55 labels per sheet

WL-9815 Oval Labels

2.0" x 1.0" Oval
27 labels per sheet

WL-8750 Circle labels

2.25" Circle
12 labels per sheet

WL-9830 Oval laser/Inkjet Labels

2.5" x 1.375" Oval
21 labels per sheet

WL-875 Address/Mailing Label

2.625" x 1"
30 labels per sheet

WL-775 3.5 Diskette Labels

2.675" x 2"
15 labels per sheet

WL-750 Multipurpose Label

2.83" x 2.2"
15 labels per sheet

WL-5525 Round label

2.875" Circle
6 labels per sheet

WL-5100 Shipping/Wine Bottle Label

3.5" x 5"
4 labels per sheet

WL-6050 Oval Label

3.91" x 1.325" Oval
14 labels per sheet

WL-7425 Round Laser/ Inkjet Label

3.9375" Circle
4 labels per sheet

WL-9810 Oval Labels

3.9375" x 1.9375" Oval
10 labels per sheet

WL-75 Shipping Label

4" x 1"
20 labels per sheet

WL-100 Mailing Labels

4" x 1.33"
14 labels per sheet

WL-125 Mailing / Shipping

4" x 2"
10 labels per sheet

WL-600 Multipurpose Label

4" x 2.5"
8 labels per sheet

WL-525 Multipurpose Label

4" x 3.25"
6 labels per sheet

WL-5475 Round Laser, Inkjet Label

4.5" Circle
2 labels per sheet

WL-6675 Bottle label

5" x 3"
3 labels per sheet

WL-400 Shipping Label

8.5" x 5.5"
2 labels per sheet

Some of our Free Printable Labels you can use for Canning:



Resources and Information: - 101 on canning / getting started

National Center For Home Food Preservation - Your source for current research-based recommendations for most methods of home food preservation.

Put 'em Up" Paperback (Amazon) - Simple step-by-step instructions and 175 delicious recipes for preserving foods for canning

Worldlabel Pinterest Board - We will find you amazing recipes, resources, howtos on making sauces, preservatives and a lot more! on Canning - Canning or jarring is one of the most popular food preservation methods used today



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