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Download WL-875 (Avery® 5160, 8160 size) Word Template

Avery 5160 sized Microsoft Word Label Template

Free Blank 5160 Sized Address Label Template Online: For use in any version of Microsoft Word.

Download this Template

Dimensions & Info

Size: 2.625" x 1"

Labels per sheet: 30

Same size as**: Avery® 5160®, 5260™, 5520™, 5660®, 5810™, 5960™, 5970™, 5971™ , 5972™, 5979™, 5980™, 8160™, 8460™, 8660™, 8810™

Label sheet size: 8.5" x 11" US Letter Size

Intended use: Standard Address Labels, Mailing Labels, product bakery labeling, price marking

Margins: Top 0.5", Bottom 0.5", Left 0.21975", Right 0.21975"

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Image of Label Dimensions:



Howtos and Tips:


The WL-875 Word label template is already installed in the label wizard in all versions of Microsoft Word.  Open MS Word > Mailings > Labels > Option > Avery US Letter size > 5160 or 8160. Our WL-875 is the exact same size as Avery 5160 template. The label wizard will give you the opportunity to populate the template with the same address, or open the document and fill out the label cells with your information.


The LabelWizard in Microsoft Word


WL-875 Word template with an addresses inserted


Printing the same information into all 30 label cells:

If you want the same address, the best way is using the Label Wizard in Microsoft Word.  In this article you can read other tips and ways to insert images, text or images and text into a WL-875 template and populate it as effeciantly as possible.


Mail Merge with a WL-875:

The WL-875, 5160 label size is the most commonly used size label for mail merge address to printing labels, read this tutorial on printing information from a database/spreadsheet to 5160 1.625" x 1",  30 up sized labels, 30 up on a sheet.


Compatible with 5160 or 8160 size template:

Staples: 18057/SIWO100

Uline: S-5042

Office Depot: 612011                                   


Download the 5160 size template in other file formats:

PDF - for use in graphic design programs as a guide layer

EPS - for use as a guidline layer

ODF - open source template for Libreoffice/openoffice


  • Please read your printer manual and make the correct changes to your printer settings before printing your desired information and desing on 5167 size labels. Please print on a plain paper first and trace over labels to make sure the labels are aligned well. 
  • Store all labels flat and away from heat and sunlight!





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