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Blank Bottle Labels

Find a large selection of blank labels for all types of bottles!



Our labels for bottles are on blank label sheets which you can print on using your printers at home or the office. After printing, simply peel and apply. Worldlabel manufactures laser and inkjet label sheets, which are die cut into many different size labels. All will work perfectly on your wine bottles, water bottles, beer bottles, or any other type of glass or plastic bottles you are using. There are over 100 sizes to choose from.


Besides finding the right label size you need for your bottles, choosing the right material is also important. For general purpose bottle labeling, we recommend our standard white matte with permanent adhesive. If your product is in bottles and appearance is important, you might want to consider kraft, clear, color or glossy materials. Bottles exposed to the environment such as water, soaps and detergents, oils and other liquids will need to use our waterproof adhesive label materials.


Each bottle label size has a free bottle label template which you can download from our website, using different file formats. These templates will help you design and format the labels to print. We also have free designed bottle labels in PDF format, which you can easily download and print. Follow our Pinterest board for more great designs! Buy blank bottle labels online today and save huge when comparing to office supply stores.


sheet labels for water botttles
labels sheets for wine bottles


Shop for popular blank Bottle Label sizes

View as:

WL-5450 Laser Label, Inkjet Label

7 labels per sheet

WL-5275 Round Label

0.75" Circle
108 labels per sheet

WL-1025 Round Label

63 labels per sheet

WL-6000 Round Label

1.2" Circle
48 labels per sheet

WL-6025 Oval Label

1.5" x 0.75" Oval
55 labels per sheet

WL-9815 Oval Labels

2.0" x 1.0" Oval
27 labels per sheet

WL-8750 Circle labels

2.25" Circle
12 labels per sheet

WL-9830 Oval laser/Inkjet Labels

2.5" x 1.375" Oval
21 labels per sheet

WL-875 Address/Mailing Label

2.625" x 1"
30 labels per sheet

WL-775 3.5 Diskette Labels

2.675" x 2"
15 labels per sheet

WL-750 Multipurpose Label

2.83" x 2.2"
15 labels per sheet

WL-5525 Round label

2.875" Circle
6 labels per sheet

WL-5100 Shipping/Wine Bottle Label

3.5" x 5"
4 labels per sheet

WL-6050 Oval Label

3.91" x 1.325" Oval
14 labels per sheet

WL-7425 Round Laser/ Inkjet Label

3.9375" Circle
4 labels per sheet

WL-9810 Oval Labels

3.9375" x 1.9375" Oval
10 labels per sheet

WL-75 Shipping Label

4" x 1"
20 labels per sheet

WL-100 Mailing Labels

4" x 1.33"
14 labels per sheet

WL-125 Mailing / Shipping

4" x 2"
10 labels per sheet

WL-600 Multipurpose Label

4" x 2.5"
8 labels per sheet

WL-525 Multipurpose Label

4" x 3.25"
6 labels per sheet

WL-5475 Round Laser, Inkjet Label

4.5" Circle
2 labels per sheet

WL-6675 Bottle label

5" x 3"
3 labels per sheet

WL-7000 Waterproof Bottle Labels

7" x 2"
5 labels per sheet

WL-6200 Water Bottle Labels

7" x 2.5"
4 labels per sheet

WL-5925 Water Bottle Labels

7" x 3"
3 labels per sheet

WL-5950 Water Bottle Labels

8" x 2.5"
4 labels per sheet

WL-7800 Bottle Labels

8.5" x 2.5"
4 labels per sheet

WL-400 Shipping Label

8.5" x 5.5"
2 labels per sheet

Print blank labels and use for labeling:

- eLiquid Dropper Glass and Plastic Bottles

- Imported Fancy Glass bottles

- Personal Care bottles created with glass or plastic

- Food Bottles also made out of plastic and glass

- Cosmetic and Perfume Glass Bottles

Juice and Milk bottles

Tips for DIY printing your own bottle labels:Here is a great article on how-to remove labels from bottles easily so you can print and re-label them.


Our bottle labels will work for Boston, Cosmo and Cylinder round glass and plastic bottles, BBQ sauce bottles, all size PET plastic bottles, salad dressing bottles and more.


Glossy labels can help your products stand out.

Free Printable Bottle Labels 
blank white bottle labels
Print your own message on blank sheet labels for your wine bottles.
 For bath and body products, and other items which come into contact with liquids,  waterproof materials should be used.
Gold Foil labels being used for Champain bottles
Submerged Bottles in water and ice, use waterproof label materials

DIY printed water bottle label sheets for a party.