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Word Holiday label Templates for free.

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Christmas Templates

WL125 - Christmas Tree Label

WL125 - Christmas Santa Claus Label

WL125 - Christmas Wreath Label

WL875 - Christmas Tree Address Label

WL875 - Christmas Santa Claus Address Label

WL875 - Christmas Wreath Address Label

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Easter Templates

WL875 - Easter Basket Address Label

WL875 - Easter Bunny Address Label

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Halloween Templates

WL875 - Halloween Dracula Address Label

WL875 - Halloween Pumpkin Address Label

WL875 - Halloween Skeleton Address Label

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Hanukkah Templates

WL125 - Hanukkah Dreidel Label

WL125 - Hanukkah Star of David Label

WL875 - Hanukkah Menorah Address Label

WL875 - Hanukkah Star of David Address Label

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New Year's Templates

WL125 - New Year's 2008 Label

WL875 - New Year's Celebration Address Label

WL875 - New Year's Champagne Address Label

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St. Patrick's Day Templates

WL875 - St. Patrick's Day Clover Address Label

WL875 - St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Address Label

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Thanksgiving Templates

WL125 - Thanksgiving Cornucopia Label

WL125 - Thanksgiving Turkey Label

WL875 - Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat Address Label

WL875 - Thanksgiving Turkey Address Label

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Valentine's Day Templates

WL875 - Valentine's Day Be Mine Address Label

WL875 - Valentine's Day Rose Address Label

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